Vet Chroma - Boditech Med


“Vet Chroma” is brand of AniVet Diagnostics Inc which is spin-off company from
Boditech med for speciality of vet diagnostic products.

The Vet Chroma A1 equiped with automatic device for quantitative and qualitative
immunoassay based on fluorescent lateral immunoassay with specially designed

It’s Ponit-of-care test platform for Vet hospital with innovative and
affordable convenience usability.

The current test menu is 5 items of cCRP, cD-Dimer, Total T4, Cortisol and canine Progesterone.

Vet chroma AFIAS-1 Reader
• Automated desktop device
• High sensitivity Fluorescent reader
• Point-of-care testing interface
• High correlation with lab instruments
• All-in-one-cartridge
• Extended testing parameters
• Test menu: cCRP, D-dimer, T4, Cortisol, Progesterone
• Coming soon: fSA, cTSH, TnI, cPL, fPL,