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We, Samsung Medical Eng. Co., Ltd. is specialized manufacturing of medical gas supply system,
gas outlet, monitoring system, bed head unit, pendant, flowmeter, wall suction and etc since
1994. We have a ISO9001, EN46001, ISO13485, CE and UL.
We also are supplying a design, consulting and piping installation for the hospital.
We give a best solution, service to the hospital from A to Z.
Medical Gas Supply System
1) Wall suction
The wall suction unit is designed to address your
need for high flow rate and minimal maintenance
in anywhere high and low of suction are used.
It is collecting a flood, spilt, phlegm and flood
phlegm from the patient body after surgery, there
is two regulated vacuum range, 200mmHg and
It contains unbreakable polycarbonate 1200cc
collection bottle, over-flow protector, hose and
adaptor. Has a CE mark.
2) Flowmeter with humidifier
It connect a gas outlet and supply an oxygen or air to the
patient who is need it in the ward, ICU, CCU, OR and E.R and
flow rate is 0~15LPM.
It contains unbreakable polycarbonate bottle, audible alarm
and adaptor. Has a CE mark
3) Gas outlet
Outlets are designed with a universal inlet assembly for
interchanged ability on different quick connects without
removing the entire outlet.
It installs wall, bed head unit and pendant where need to
delivery a gas to the patient. All of gas outlet obtained the
4) Bed head unit
It is a universal type, and shall be contained power socket,
medical gas outlet, nurse call as buyer’s requirement, it is
customizing products