[“Autokeeper” Safety pen needle]

The Autokeeper is a new launched product, the safety pen needle! It is an insulin pen needle automatically locked itself after use. The purpose of this product is to prevent re-use and secondary infection.

As it is globally recommended to use recently, it proves MedExel’s technology and quality.

We are the 4th manufacturer who has launched safety pen needle into the market. 

We have our own design and technology which is protected by patent. It has certified by CE and it is in the middle of the process of FDA certification.

The strengths of MedExel’s pen needle are as follow:

* LESS PAIN: To reduce the pain of injection, MedExel is using the needle with the sharpness tip, clean edge and moderate silicone coating.

* SAFETY: Using guaranteed materials makes pen needle safer.
So that materials are latex free, non-toxin, in addition, we comply SUS 304, the medical degree for user’s safety.

* EASY FLOW: Using the thin wall for the cannula, the outside diameter gets thinner and the inside diameter gets bigger. 
It helps users to inject easily with no blockage or delay of the injection time.

* COMPATIBLE: As MedExel is following the ISO11608, every insulin pen is designed on this ISO is compatible.