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Address : 452-29 Pureundeulpanro Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeongi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82-31-354-6369 Fax : +82-31-354-8161
Website : www.hankiltech.com
e-mail : exporthkt@naver.com
HankilTech Medical established in 1969 in South Korea and has been manufacturing medical
instruments ever since its establishment. In 2010, we started manufacturing Orthopedic
Implants and the Locking Plate System was very well accepted by Korean surgeons. HKT
Locking Plate System is one of top 3 brands in Korea among the all brands Most recently
HankilTech Medical launched pedicle screw system and now we are aiming to expend product
line for Spine.
Orthopedic Implant & Surgical Instrument
Pedicle Screw System
HKT pedicle screw system is the first spine implant
from HankilTech Medical. It is top loading pedicle
screw system for posterior lumbar fixation. Overall
HKT pedicle screw system provides convenience
in surgery and further its firm and stable fixation
guarantees superior outcome.
- High pullout resistance
- Self-tapping and stable fixation
- Simple, strong and versatile
Locking Plate system
HKT Locking Plate System is the first implanting system as a outcome of 40years experience
in manufacturing medical device. It acclaimed high popularity with its superior quality and
anatomical plate design for very different fracture surgeries. At current, it is one of the top 3
brands in Korea including all domestic and imported
brands. High quality instruments for convenience
of surgeons are provided and it definitely provides
distinctive difference in product experience.
- Optimal Fit
- Screw Trajectory
- Fully Instrumented System
- Precontoured Plates