Dong-eui University Smart Medical and Healthcare Industry Global Brand Promotion Consortium


Address : Smart Medical Industry Center Dong-eui University, 176, Eomgwang-ro, Busanjin-gu,
Busan, 47340, Korea
Tel : +82-51-890-4321 Fax : 82+505-182-6953
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The smart medical&healthcare industry global brand promotion consortium is a consortium undertaking the task of Regional Innovation System(RIS) development supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the city of Busan

Our goal is to develop a service model and to achieve an integration of IT technology
and medical/healthcare products in an attempt to add higher value to the medical and
healthcare industry.

We support the growth of enterprises by the development of medical/healthcare related products in Busan, and organizing a consortium of industry academic cooperation centered on Dong-eui University.

At the same time, we will attempt to be of help in realizing a healthy city throughout Busan by constructing a smart care service model for middle aged people who are also future senior citizens.