VIVA Multi RF System


New innovation from STARmed
Safer, Faster and Bigger RF ablation, yet Cost effective

Product feature
- Uniquely different and powerful
- Effectively generate 2 electrodes at the same time
- Comparable to microwave result but safer and cost less
- Ideal for large and mutiple lesions ablation
- Choice of 6 different modes.F10"


STARmed Co., Ltd. is a young and fast growing company from South Korea, specializing in Radiofrequency technology. Passionately working on the best possible RF treatment, STARmed has collaborated with a number of Key Opinion Leaders in developing the most innovative Electrodes and leading-edge RF Technology specific to certain tumour types and clinical applications, in thyroid, liver, lung, kidney, myoma, bone, etc. STARmed Co., Ltd. Operates as a specification developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative medical devices to cure patients with minimally invasive interventional therapy.


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